Leadership Testimonials

"My leadership experience was one that encouraged me to make a difference not only in my life, but in the life of my community. Seeing all the resources of Iberia Parish, including the great people, encouraged me to work with other young adults from our area to form On Tap, and increase the community involvement aspect of New Iberia. The connections, the opportunities and the good times brought on through Leadership Iberia is something that every person in Iberia Parish should experience.

- Wess Robison, Leadership Iberia Class XII - 2010

"In my 17+ years as a business owner, Leadership Iberia has been the greatest injection of motivation to get citizens involved in their community and to give them the knowledge to change it for the better. Leadership Iberia revealed to me that you don't have to be in an elected position to make a positive progressive impact on your community.

- Semper Fi, Chad Courtois, Leadership Iberia Class XII- 2010

"I was a member of the inaugural class of 1997-1998. I recommend it to everyone. I learned many facets of the community I was not aware of, even though I was raised and educated here. Additionally, I made 22 new friends. The program is priceless.
- Larry Hengens, Leadership Iberia I 1997-98



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