Guidelines for Submitting GoodNews! Videos
Background: The GoodNews! Iberia YouTube channel is an outcome of the Louisiana Department of Economic Development's "Ready Communities” program, which was facilitated by the City of New Iberia and the Iberia Industrial Development Foundation. The process was driven by a twelve-member steering committee that participated in a variety of activities to ensure that New Iberia is "ready” for economic development. The committee established five focus areas, one of which was "Community Communication” which had as its desired outcome the consistent promotion of positive news to the public (within the community and beyond).
The GoodNews! Iberia YouTube channel, managed by the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce, is one of the responses to this process. The philosophy behind the project is that awareness of success tends to create more success.

Guidelines for the project are listed below. Businesses, organizations and governmental entities may submit information about "good news” events to the Chamber or may submit edited videos of their own.

  • The Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce (GICC) is the owner of the GoodNews! Iberia YouTube Channel.
  • GICC reserves the right to make decisions regarding video posting.
  • Videos submitted to the Chamber and/or Good News! Iberia become the property of the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce.
  • The purpose of the site is to promote good news in/about Iberia Parish in its entirety inclusive of all municipalities.
  • Suggestions for GoodNews! Iberia videos may be submitted to Suggestions should include day and time of event and contact person. [The GoodNews! Iberia YouTube channel is not an appropriate venue for posting upcoming events/activities.]
  • Businesses are encouraged to submit good news videos. Additionally, governmental entities and non-profit organizations may also submit good news.
  • Videos may be submitted by the organization on CD or thumb drives. Videos must be edited to no more than five minutes in length. [CDs, thumb drives and other formatting hardware become the property of GICC and will not be returned.]
  • Video documentation must include a title or brief description of what the event/activity is, why it is important [i.e. is an award being presented, etc.] and the name and contact information of the videographer and organization submitting the video.
  • Current established categories of videos are: 1) Business, 2) Community [including Culture & Leisure], 3)Government, 4)Youth, 5)People & Profiles, 6)Greater Iberia Chamber.
  • The Chamber will make every effort to post videos deemed acceptable within 14 days of receipt.
  • The YouTube channel address is:
  • Only comments moderated by the Chamber will be posted.



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