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Be the Progress - Tuesday, December 18, 2012
To Local Elected Officials:

As the New Year approaches, the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to growth and prosperity for Iberia.
The Chamber champions three key policy positions in the areas of Economic and Community Development, Workforce Development and Education, and Residential and Population Growth.
With regard to Economic and Community Development, the Chamber supports activities that strengthen our traditional business base and build new diversified opportunities, so that our children can grow and prosper in Iberia.
At a recent meeting of the Acadiana Economic Development Council, Jay Garner, President and Founder of Garner Economics, made a presentation entitled, "Are We on the Same Page? Understanding What Makes Good Communities Great.” In that presentation, he stressed the importance of unified and forward-moving community action by both public and private entities.  Mr. Garner put communities on notice that site selectors are "looking at them” long before communities are aware of their presence.  If the option is to choose between communities of equal or near equal resources, but one is unified and goal oriented, and the other is unable to overcome obstacles, the choice is made easy.
The Greater Iberia of Commerce suggests that among our New Year’s resolution, may we all choose to "be the progress” we want to see in Iberia, by aligning our goals for growth and development and taking unified actions to reach those goals.

All the best,

Janet Faulk-Gonzales, CEO
Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce


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