Project Front Yard


WHAT: Project Front Yard is a grass roots initiative using cleanliness, beautification and education to make improvements in our parish's "front yard". This initiative is a regional effort that is gaining momentum throughout Acadiana.

This initiative originated from Lafayette Consolidated Government.


This effort is a community-wide response to a direct loss of economic development in Iberia Parish due to lack of cleanliness within the parish. In Iberia Parish, Project Front Yard is a part of Operation Progress, which is facilitated by the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce.


WHEN: This initiative is ongoing! If you have something you think could be related, please let us know!


WHERE: Throughout Iberia Parish.


WHO: Business leaders, civic and service organizations, non-profits, schools, youth groups - anyone and EVERYONE!



1) Show your support by adding the Project Front Yard decal to your storefront.

2)Pick up the area surrounding your business (and send us a photo showing us you're doing your part!)

3) If an organization you're a part of has an event than would qualify as a Project Front Yard event, let us know and we'll promote it (and bring you a sign!)

4) Want to volunteer? Email and we'll put you to use!


The more activities we can show the more the momentum builds, the deeper the discussion will be. A ground swell of activity will help to change attitudes and actions, thereby - transforming our landscape.





Calendar of Events

Recycle and Waste Disposal Locations

Children's Activity Book Featuring YARDLY



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