34th Annual World Championship Gumbo CookOff: October 12th & 13th, 2024




 Congratulations to our 2022 World Champions:



Professional Non-Seafood

1st Place - Lydia Food Store

2nd Place - Cypress Bayou

3rd Place - Krewe of Lou






Fan Favorite

Maison Teche


Professional Seafood

1st Place - Lydia Food Store

2nd Place - Stabil Drill Team

3rd Place - Cypress Bayou



Amateur Seafood

1st Place - Brown and Brown

2nd Place - Super One Foods

3rd Place - Peltier Engine Service

-ring of fire

Amateur Mélange

1st Place - Ring of Fire Cookers

2nd Place - Kajun Heat

3rd Place -Cooking Cousins

-Jeff G

Amateur Chicken and Sausage

1st Place - Jeff Guidry

2nd Place - Southern ENT

3rd Place - Aggreko Cooking Team


-Kajun Heat

Youth Gumbo CookOff

1st Place - Kajun Heat

2nd Place - Cooking Cousins

3rd Place - Direct Services

-Kajun Heat

Meanest Beans CookOff

1st Place - Kajun Heat

2nd Place - Got Meat Cookers

3rd Place - Big D's Cooking Team


Best Decorated Booth

1st Place - IGO Team

2nd Place - LeBlanc Team

3rd Place - Optimist Club


And last but not least, every year teams are encouraged to prepare and perform a skit that pays homage to that year's theme. This year's champions are:

Best Showmanship

1st Place - unROUXly Krewe

2nd Place - Community Church

3rd Place - Walker's


Most Unique

1st Place - Team Cypress

2nd Place - Team Action

3rd Place - Team B&B


Most Humorous

1st Place - Clark Intergrated

2nd Place - Team Maison

3rd Place - JD Bank


The World Championship Gumbo CookOff is a free two-day event that takes place every second weekend in October, in New Iberia, Louisiana. Also known as the "Superbowl of Gumbo", every year dozens of cooking teams and thousands of enthusiasts take over Bouligny Plaza to see who will take home trophies for each category, and earn ultimate bragging rights.

Over 30 years ago, the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce set out on a history-changing journey to generate revenue for the chamber, but also celebrate something that we do better than anyone else- cook a wicked gumbo! With less than a dozen chefs serving gumbo off their truck beds in 1989, the event quickly turned into a serious one, with more and more chefs joining the competition every year to show off their culinary skills. Today the event boasts around 100 teams, 30,000 visitors, free live music, and over 100 different gumbos to try!

Categories include Amateur chicken and sausage, Amateur seafood, Amateur Mélange, Professional seafood, and Professional non-seafood.


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