2018 Gumbo Poster Winner

Author: Avery Grubb

Gumbo Cookoff 2018, Official Poster by Annette Fruser and the Arc of Acadiana

The Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce selects one talented artist every year to design the poster for the Annual World Championship Gumbo Cookoff. This year, the Arc of Acadiana took the title, which was a big win for its clients and for artist Annette Fruser.

A therapist and artist for the Arc of Acadiana, Annette Fruser owns the talented hands that created this year's poster. She worked with clients' input as well as suggestions from her coworkers as she incorporated "everything this area offers," Fruge recounts. The Arc of Acadiana was one of seven entries into the contest held by the chamber, and they are eager to put the earned winnings back into the Arc of Acadiana and back into the community.