Lennie Fields of iBERIABANK is the "Face of New Iberia"

Author: Avery Grubb

Lennie Fields has been a part of the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce for almost a decade now, and is currently serving as First Vice Chairperson of the Chamber’s Board of Directors and Chairperson for the largest tourism event in Iberia Parish- the World Championship Gumbo CookOff. If that doesn’t give you an idea of Field’s deep commitment to the Iberia Parish community, perhaps her new position at iBERIABANK might!

Fields was recently promoted to the position of Community Development Officer in addition to providing business and commercial loans. This position not only involves growing Iberia Parish’s economy by connecting a local bank to businesses that will invest in the Parish, but representing iBERIABANK within the community as the “Face of New Iberia”, as her colleague Bart Boyer, Vice President and Branch Group Manager, likes to put it.

Years of being engaged in the Chamber, various community activities, and her work within the bank have aligned to make Fields the most eligible candidate for this position. The Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce recognizes Fields in her new career position as we navigate 2021 in a more resilient state than ever and look forward to her leadership as GICC Chairperson in 2022.