Rooted in Resiliency Partnerships

We hear it a lot these days, the term resiliency, defined by the American Heritage Dictionary as the ability to recover quickly from misfortune.

Each year the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce chooses a theme to guide the promotion of the Chamber's current plan of work. Board, staff, and volunteers alike are inspired by the 2021 Rooted in Resiliency watch phrase that acknowledges the strong traditions of community and opportunities that propel us forward.

Long-time business members are strengthening the chamber and its work to build resilient Community by joining the chamber in a new way as "Partners Rooted in Resiliency" specifically supporting segments of chamber work for prosperity, communications/education, leadership development and stronger community. This new membership system provides business members the opportunity to choose their own membership levels which provide more visibility for their companies.

Read about the partnership below. Contact Janet Faulk-Gonzales (337-364-1836 or to discuss: