Membership Testimonials





Your Chamber: Key to building the community for business….

"My family has been enmeshed in the Iberia business community for over 70 years. We know that when we build business, we build community and vice versa. My father and I have both held leadership positions in the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber is uniquely positioned by its independent nature, to help craft policy and practices as they relate to business, as well as, facilitate such initiatives as "Operation Progress” which engages the entire community in taking a holistic view of improving local infrastructure, neighborhoods, education, etc.” The Chamber is a great place to get involved to build your business and to build community.”


Mike Armentor, Chief Operation Officer

Your Chamber: Key to Community Connections…

"One of the things that I enjoy about our company’s membership in the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce is the many opportunities throughout the year to meet with a wide range leaders of organizations and agencies that have significant impact on Iberia, from levee and transportation issues to economic development and government reform.The ability to have direct conversations with decision makers and those influence policy is important to my business.”


Bart Romero, Vice President

"Vern's catering was known as the best kept secret in New Iberia. We were thought of as a Mom & Pop catering company. We had a steady work schedule, a loyal list of repeat customers, but we were still missing something, we could not seem to get that big break we needed, we could not get the opportunity to showcase our company to all of New Iberia.

Since joining the Chamber, our business has grown and gone through the roof… literally, we have had to enlarge the catering facility; our list of clientele has grown significantly. I can confidently say that 75% of our new customers tell us they got our name from the Chamber or that they attended a Chamber of Commerce event or any of the numerous other events that we catered since joining the GICC.

The Chamber staff is always willing to listen to your ideas, goals, hopes and dreams for your business and connect you with members and partners to help you achieve them. The benefit of being a member of the GICC far outweighs the small cost of membership. In my opinion you really can't afford not to be a member. The membership is not exclusive, but it is inclusive, your membership includes all the keys your business needs to succeed.”


Debbi Mitchell, Owner

"Six years into becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Farrah Trim has noticed an increase in business and community engagement. Hear more below!"


Farrah Trim