Letter From the Chairperson: Annual Banquet

Author: Avery Grubb

From Ryan Boudoin, 2019 GICC Chairperson:

For several years the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce has hosted its annual banquet at the Cade Community Center. It is not a decision that is made lightly. We know that there are some people who have questions or concerns about this decision to go less than three miles across the Iberia Parish line to host this important event.

At intervals the board of directors revisits our standard operating procedures. In fact, this past June, the chamber invested significant financial and staff resources in reviewing facility options for the annual banquet. The task included comparing thirty-four separate points of eight potential venues located in Iberia Parish, including on-site visits to each one. As an organization, we would prefer to hold the annual banquet in Iberia Parish, but once again, the Cade Community Center has proven to be the most fitting venue for the size and type of event.

The concept of a right-sized event venue for Iberia Parish has been talked about for many years. Funding for construction, ongoing operations, maintenance and marketing is a challenge, especially given then down economy and the basic infrastructure/safety needs that we have in Iberia Parish; however, I met with Mayor Freddie DeCourt last April and we discussed possible improvements in the form of expansions and remodels to existing government buildings. The Greater Iberia Chamber looks forward to championing further efforts to make such a facility in Iberia Parish a reality.

The Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that is directed by the Iberia Parish business community. It is not a subdivision of any governmental entity, therefore does not operate with tax dollars. Should you have additional questions or like to serve on a committee feel free to contact the chamber office at 337-364-1836.



Ryan Boudoin

Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce Volunteer Chairman & Executive Committee